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Expert Fan and Shaft Service and Repair

Niagara Frontier Custom Fabrication is proud to announce we have assumed the balancing services previously provided by ACT Associates as they closed their doors after 60 years in business.

Niagara Frontier’s core business is custom metal fabrication in our 35,000 square foot facility located in Buffalo, New York and industrial services for clients in Western and Central New York. We have been associated with ACT as both a customer and vendor and are proud to carry on their reputation for quality service. We have set up fixed-shop balancing test stands and have retained the services of Jim Farnham and Adam Kerr, formerly balancing technicians with ACT Associates.

Please be assured you will receive the same high level of service from NFCF as you received from ACT Associates. We look forward to earning your business and confidence.

Our experience working in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities can help you prevent maintenance problems as well as handle emergencies that may arise.

Dynamic Balancing is the ability to balance while in motion or when switching positions, using a balancing machine with two sets of bearings connected to sensors.

Static Balancing is the ability of a stationary object to balance. The fan unit is placed on low-friction bearings so that it rotates gently and settles, thus identifying the heaviest point. Excess material is removed and the process is repeated until there is no longer an obvious heavy point. A non-rotating spindle tool can also be used to identify downward deflection and location of imbalance.

Contact us at balance@nfcf.net for more details about our newest service.

Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Image of an engineering schematic
Engineering 5
Engineering 4
Engineering 3
Engineering 2
Engineering 1
Engineering 6
Engineering 7
Engineering 8
Engineering 9
Engineering 10
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NFCF prides itself on its ability to come up with unique, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our staff of degreed engineers and designers is among the best in the business. We listen to the needs of your application and provide a detailed proposal based on your specific requirements. Our design department uses Solidworks, AutoCAD and ToPPs CNC programming software and can accept and export drawing files electronically in all the common formats. We develop systems and components for conveyor systems, pneumatic conveying, dust collection, bulk dry processing, sound enclosures and many others. Combine our design capabilities with our fabrication and installation abilities for a truly worry-free turnkey experience. If you have an application please feel free to “ask an expert”.

Photo of a custom belt conveyor
Photo of a twin screw feeder
Photo of a grinder auger hard facing
Photo of a drop bottom screw conveyor
Photo of a gas-fired oven with conveyor
Photo of a custom elevating conveyor
Photo of a box handling conveyor
Conveyor 2
Conveyor 3
Conveyor 4
Conveyor 6
Conveyor 5
Conveyor 7
Conveyor 8
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Conveyors & Material Handling

NFCF has made conveyors and the design and implementation of material handling systems a mainstay of our business. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the right kind of equipment to fit your specific needs and integrate it into your processes. We design and fabricate to FDA, USDA, 3A and CEMA standards. We build all types of conveying systems and components including screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, separators, screeners, hoppers and bins. We work with both dense phase and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. Tell us your application and let us show you how we can help.
Photo of a high efficiency cyclone collector
Photo of a large cyclone collector
Photo of a large dust collector hopper conveyor
Photo of a large pulsejet bag collector
Photo of a custom cartridge collector
Photo of a special duty cartridge collector
Photo of a custom cartridge bin vent
Dust Collection 8
Dust Collection 7
Dust Collection 6
Dust Collection 5
Dust Collection 4
Dust Collection 3
Dust Collection 2
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Dust Collection

Dust and fume control is an area of expertise at NFCF. Our staff of engineers have attended Michigan State University Industrial Ventilation Seminars. We work with all types of collectors including cyclones, baghouses and mist collectors. We custom-design the system to meet the needs of your application. Combine our design capabilities with our fabrication and installation abilities for a turnkey job, or have us supply you with specially-designed components including collection hoods, hoppers, discharge conveyors and collectors built from special alloys.
Photo of an acoustical sound enclosure
Photo of a hydraulic test station
Photo of an acoustical compressor enclosure
Photo of a stainless steel test chamber
Photo of a KD enclosure
Photo of a custom crane operator's cab
Photo of a custom operator station
Acoustical Sound Enclosure
Hydraulic Test Station
Acoustical Compressor Enclosure
Stainless Steel Test Chamber and Control Panel
Shipment of KD Enclosure
Custom Crane Operator's Cab
Custom Operator Station
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NFCF is capable of designing and fabricating many types and styles of enclosures. We develop acoustical/sound enclosures for both interior and exterior use. These can be fully assembled in our shop and shipped KD for field assembly. We build, install and service ovens and dryers for use in various industries. We also make many different kinds of test stands, electrical cabinets and custom pull boxes as well as work enclosures.

Image of a commercial coffee roaster cylinder
Image of a mixer delivery system
Image of a custom hopper and spouting
Image of a meat patty conveyor system
Image of a custom product separator
Image of a custom pharmaceutical wash rack
Commercial Coffee Roaster Cylinder
Mixer Delivery System
Custom Hopper & Spouting
Meat Patty Conveyor System
Custom Product Separator
Custom Pharmaceutical Wash Rack
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Food Service

NFCF has significant experience working in the food service, food production and pharmaceutical industry. Fabrication, welding, grinding and polishing is performed to USDA, FDA and 3A sanitary standards as required. We design, build, install and service process equipment, conveyor systems, counter tops, sinks, carts and work tables. We also work on many custom residential applications with great success.
Image of a stainless steel process tank
Image of an aluminum compressor guard
Image of a process equipment tank
Image of high temperature mixer flighting
Image of a miniature filter
Image of short-run production parts
Image of an expansion chamber
Image of a bag dumping station
Stainless Steel Process Tank
Aluminum Compressor Guard
Process Equipment Tank
High Temperature Mixer Flighting
Miniature Filter
Short-Run Production Parts
Expansion Chamber
Bag Dumping Station
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General Fabrication

NFCF is proud of our versatility and ability to make just about anything. We design and build to your application or work from drawings you provide to produce first-quality parts. Our experienced, well-trained craftsmen cut, form, punch and weld in all the various metal alloys. From severe-duty industrial parts and equipment to high-end architectural metal work we have successfully completed some of the most unique and difficult projects imaginable. In addition to the many specialty parts manufactured, we also regularly build baskets, trays, pans, OSHA machine guards, catwalks, railings, stairs and ladders. Whether it is a prototype or a production run we can do it.
Photo of DC equipment installation
Photo of cyclone dust collector installation
Photo of silo installation
Photo of process equipment being installed
DC Equipment Installation
Cyclone Dust Collectors
Silo Installation
Process Equipment Installation
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At NFCF we are more than just a job shop. Our trained field crews perform a wide variety of difficult installations. You say you have a tight schedule &mdash no problem. Our people are available to work around the clock if necessary. We specialize in performing work during plant shutdown and outages to optimize your down time. All of this and we have an exceptional safety record backed by an ongoing training program.


Our talented field crews are accessible 24-7-365. We have helped many companies repair and maintain their plant systems and equipment. If you are short on manpower and need to supplement your plant personnel we will work with you either long- or short-term. Whether it is planned maintenance or a catastrophic failure, our experienced, efficient staff is trained to make the best of the situation and save you time and money in the process.

Millwright Craftsmen

Broad in abilities and steeped in experience, our millwrights are well-versed in many aspects of construction and demobilization. If you need to install, maintain, repair, troubleshoot or remove your equipment or machinery, NFCF has the staff to get the job done.

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